Enzo Bonafè goes social

Eventually, a few weeks ago, our brand went social.

Our Social Media Team has outlined several goals we’d like to achieve, although the main purpose is to give a face to all the people working behind the lines, letting our customers meet them while they’re busy working or having a break.

It is no coincidence that on the major social media we will use the faces of our staff, as well as our products, of course, to grasp the attention of our audience. Thus we will often publish images created specially by our Social Media Team with the aim of sharing the moments of life, history and mission of our company.

Our social profiles are going to be more than “these are our products, come and see”: we will engage our audience in different ways, listening to it to understand its values, needs, by building conversations and a lot more.

We are working to grow our community and share our stories, so please follow us on these social channels:

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