Informative permission (according to the law art. 13 and 23 – Italian decree 196 dated 30th June 2003) The law decree dated 30/06/2003 concerns the protection of personal data.
According to the law, the treatment of your personal data is possible only after your agreement and after you have had all suitable information on the law art. 13 and its contents. According to the law, the treatment of personal data will be made by respecting the principles of correctness, lawfulness, and transparency, with the safeguard of your privacy and rights.

Your personal data will be treated for the following purposes:
Civil, accounting and fiscal obligations – credit management – sending of advertising material;

  1. Your personal data could also be treated for further obligations reported in the law, regulations and/or European regulations, any data treatment requested by control and/or supervising public organs.
  2. In relation to the above mentioned purposes, the treatment of personal data will be made as follows:
  3. Your personal data will be registered, organised and safeguarded in electronic and/or paper archives.
  4. Your data transmission is facultative, but sometimes it is necessary for our specific obligations;
  5. Your refusal of communicating personal data could not permit us to satisfy contractual obligations;
  6. Your data could or will be communicated to local authorities, public business institutions – banks and credit institutions – entrepreneurs associations – consulting firms and data treatment agencies – commercial firms
  7. The holder of your personal data is: Enzo Bonafè s.r.l. and its legal representative.
  8. The person charged of the treatment has not been chosen yet.
  9. You will turn directly to the company holder for the respect of your rights, according to the law decree 196 art.. 7 dated 30/06/03. Rights that we briefly list here below:
  10. Right of expressing your agreement for the data treatment; even if, sometimes,  because of legal derogations, the treatment is not always subordinated to your agreement;
  11. Right of consulting the public register presented by the Guarantor , according to the law decree 196 art. 154 dated 30/06/03;
  12. Right of information about the holder identification, as well as the methods and purposes of data treatment;
  13. Right of changing your personal data;
  14. Right of damage compensation in case of illegal data treatment;
  15. Right of refusing, partly or completely, the treatment of your personal data for commercial information or sending of adverting material or direct sale, in other words, for any marketing researches or interactive commercial communication;
  16. Right of being informed from the company holder, before the spread of your data, in case it is possible to assert this right, with no further charges;
  17. Right of refusing any behaviour evaluation, based on automatic treatments which should define your profile and personality;

This informative material is delivered to the interested person and third parties for the collection of personal data.
To change your data, write to the specific free service of:

Enzo Bonafè s.r.l.
Via Pollastri, 4
40138 Bologna (BO)

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